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Environmental Consciousness - ENERGY

Waste to Energy - Biogas Unit

   The institution established a moderate-size Biogas production unit for the utilization of organic vegetable and food waste into the conversion of energy for regular use at the college canteen. It is a unique best practice of Waste-to-Energy, which significantly reduces the volume of landfill waste into energy. This approach reduces the demand for fossil fuel combustion-derived energy and reduces greenhouse gas emission.

Energy Conservation

    The institution explores every possibility to save electric power to the extent possible. More than 50% of the lights are changed to LED and by that way a considerable amount of electric power is saved every day. Nearly 30,000 watts will be saved every month.

Solar Energy

    Energy conservation and the use of alternative renewable source of energy are gaining momentum every day. Realizing the importance, the institutiontook an initiative and Solar panels are installed and the solar power is used for lighting purpose at a few places. Besides this, Sensor-based solar lights are fixed out-doorsat main places in the college campus. The institution purchased a Battery-powered 4-wheeler vehicle which is used for transportation inside the campus.

Solar Street Lights

Battery-Powered Vehicle