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Environmental Consciousness - Cultivation

Mushroom Cultivation

    Mushroom cultivation is the most productive and one of the most profitable businesses in India. It is getting popular gradually in India because, in a short time, it converts farmers' hard work into profit. Farmers use the mushroom cultivation process in India as an alternate source of money. Hands-on training is offered to students in production and cultivation and they are trained to earn money while they are studying.

Spirulina Cultivation

   Spirulina is grown in a culture medium that is made of water and fertilizers. Due to the high pH of this culture medium, Spirulina has almost no competitors

    The Bio-Technology department has established Research and Training Centre for Spirulina cultivation, Bio-pigment extraction, medicinal plant germ-plasm maintenance, mushroom production, and vermicomposting technology to promote applied biotechnological knowledge to students and the rural community.


    Cleanliness is next to Godliness. The institution strives through all possible means to sensitize the students towards cleanliness. The NSS students were sent to a nearby village school, Kottapalayam Primary school under SWACH BHARATH ABIYAN scheme and undertook the job of cleaning the entire school campus. Their work was appreciated with certificates.